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These lists contains the names of pioneer prospectors, miners, trappers, merchants, military and others that have spent time in Alaska, or were part of the gold rush to the Klondike, from about 1867 (when Alaska was purchased form Russia) through about the 1950s. The names come from books, mineral and other government reports including military information, family members and censes rolls. If you are aware of people not included here or have additional details about those who are I would like to hear from you.~ Walt Larson

Often a person's last name with initials are all that's shown in the source material. Sometimes a person last name is all that's given. A wife's first name may not be given but only listed as "Mrs." I have included those that just show a last name with the hope that it could help someone trace a relative's travel through Alaska.

Alaska native names are particularly difficult to track as they were often referred to in literature by a name given them by the whites. Sometimes they are called by an Americanized version of their native name with various spellings. In the native culture of the time many only had one name rather that a first and last.

When searching for a name also look for spellings that are close as most of the original documents, such as census rolls, claim and property records, were hand written. Interpreting some of the writing can be difficult. Also some immigrants may have change their name to a more Americanized spelling. Unfortunately typos on my part are also a possibility. Nicknames were often used in Alaska's early days. Look for the common, Dick = Richard, William = Bill, but also consider where a person was from. A man from Scotland may have be known as Scotty, etc.


People are indexed by last name, first name, middle name or initial (as available)

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Additional names and details added 11/19/17

The source of the name and information listed can be found by moving your mouse pointer over the word (Source), clicking on an underlined word or click on (ref). Some of the links may take you to web sites that charge a fee to get more details. I have no affiliation with those sites and have no knowledge of what additional information they may have, if any. Those links are not an endorsement but only indicate that they have the person named in their database.

1930 Anchorage Census

Pioneers of Alaska Members

Alaska Probate Index 1885 - 1960

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