Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

(From the 1909 Alaska Alminiac) Located on the Seward Peninsula Teller is a station on Port Clarence Bay Many people familiar with Seward Peninsula maintain that Teller should be the principal town as it is situated on a harbor the only harbor of any value on the entire coast line from St Michael to Cape Prince of Wales. Teller is a supply station for Port Clarence mining district Mining operations have been conducted on Bluestone and Gold Run Creeks since 1900 and just across the bay from Teller on Sunset Creek there is an extensive hydraulic plant equipped with near thirty miles of ditches operated upon ground known to contain values Possibly the reason Teller has never been a competitor for the business that Nome gets is the fact that the ice goes out of Port Clarence Bay several weeks later than it floats away from Nome If it were possible for vessels to get into Port Clarence as early as they get into Nome the refuge of the harbor might be of such value to the shipping interests that these interests could afford to construct a railroad from Teller to Nome. Since 1848 the date that the first whaling vessel passed through Bering Strait into the Arctic Ocean in pursuit of whales Port Clarence Bay has been a rendezvous for whalers. Usually before entering the Arctic Ocean they entered the bay for the purpose of obtaining fresh water overhauling gear and making any necessary repairs.


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