Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

AKA Manook City

Rampart City in the Rampart Mining District Alaska
Located in the Yukon River region. Gold was discovered in 1893.

RAMPART City. A trading post and post office, on the Yukon river, 975 miles up the Yukon River form St Michael and 650 downstream from Dawson, N W T, the nearest banking point. Originally known as Manook City which was platted June 6, 1897 (Source P 6).
Mail steamers from all river points land here. Contains a saw mill and exports furs and gold. 1902 Pop. 211. (Source)

Alaska Commercial Co, gen store.
Alaska Express Co, gen store.
Alaska M & Trans Co.
Anish & Evans, saloon.
COLLINS H, General Store.
Hudgins D, drugs.
Mayo Alfred, saloon and gen store.
NESTOR BROS, Saw Mill and General Store.
N A Trans & Trading Co.
Wilson H, furs.

1909 Alaska Alaminic ~ Rampart is about eighty miles above Tanana It is one of the first mining towns established on the Yukon The post office was established here in November 1898 Minook Creek near Rampart is the site of the first diggings Gold was discovered here in 1895 There are stores a post office and telegraph station at Rampart and a population of about 200 possibly 400 including the men engaged in mining in the area.

Fall of 1897 steamboats were unable to reach Dawson and the consequent shortage of provisions there was to turn the attention of gold seekers to Munook Creek on the lower Yukon Those who could not reach Dawson from St Michael and those who having reached it from the coast could not stay but went down the river were naturally attracted to the new region. This in large part caused the rise of Rampart City in the vicinity of the Lower Ramparts of the Yukon in the fall of 1897. An old Indian by the name of Munook a Russian half breed found large quantities of gold on the creek which now bears his name some time in August 1896. According to the story on the river some Indians had informed Munook that they had seen gold on a branch of the creek and with his son he started in. In a short time he had taken out three thousand dollars worth of gold from a hole eight feet square and fifteen feet deep The stream had been prospected in a superficial way for years and while gold was always found it had not been in sufficient quantities for the conditions were the same here as in other Alaskan fields A layer of muck covers the gravel from a few inches to two or three feet in thickness in winter it is like adamant and in the summer like axle grease that has been exposed to the sun. The first excitement was when a steamboat loaded with people bound for Dawson reached the mouth of Munook Creek Miners there were looking for supplies and when they told what they had found the excitement was so great that many of the passengers bolted for the mountains at once also many of the crew The principal creeks were staked for some distance for the law which the miners had instituted allowed claims of one thousand feet in length and from five hundred to a thousand feet in width according to the nature of the valley. diggings By the first of September the discovery claim on Little Munook had sold for five thousand dollars and Rampart City was a cluster of tents on the hillsides. Tthe Commercial Companys were finishing up their building and the newcomers were busy putting up log cabins The population was then three hundred and increasing with every boat that came up the river Ten days later all figures and values had quadrupled One claim on Little Munook was held at fifty thousand dollars for the owner of the adjacent claim had taken out one thousand five hundred dollars in five days and had not reached bed rock The news spread (Source p. 497+)


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