Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

Moose Pass is located 26 miles north of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. It is on the southwest shore of Upper Trail Lake, off the Seward Highway, at mile 29.3 of the Alaska Railroad. It lies at approximately 60° 29' N Latitude, 149° 22' W Longitude. The community is located in the Seward Recording District.

Oscar Christensen and his partner, Mickey Natt, came by horse and dog sled to Moose Pass in 1909. They built a small log cabin, and then a log roadhouse to serve as an inn and supply house for the miners up north. The original Iditarod Trail, used to transport gold and supplies, was blazed through the area in 1910 and 1911. This small town was known for mining, logging and as a transfer point for those headed north with supplies, or south with gold. The Alaska Railroad Company built a small freight shed and receiving platform for heavy machinery in 1927.



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