Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

1909 ~ The mines of the Innoko are the most recently discovered of all the Alaska mining camps. The discovery on Gaines Creek a tributary of the Innoko River was made about three years ago but the remoteness and inaccessibility of this region have retarded development. There are however more than 400 miners in this camp and the gold output from this part of Alaska last year is estimated at $150,000. The Innoko River is a stream more than 200 miles long flowing from the south and pouring its waters into the Yukon through two channels one of them reaching the main stream above Anvik and the other at Holy Cross Mission. Light draft steamers can ascend this river only a part of the way to the mines which are near the head waters of the stream Another route to the mines is by way of the Kuskokwim River. There is a portage on this route of twenty five or thirty miles across the low divide between the Kuskokwim and the gold bearing creeks of the Innoko. So whichever route is taken some packing is required although it is possible to pole and line small boats up the Innoko above the head of navigation. The winter trail from Kaltag to these mines is about 150 miles long All kinds of supplies are consequently very expensive at Innoko As steam boilers are necessary for prospecting better transportation is needed. (Source)


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