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Circle City in the Circle Mining District Alaska
Located in the Yukon River region. Gold was discovered in 1893 on Birch Creek which brought a rush of prospectors. In 1894 gold was found on the tributaries of Crooked Creek. Circle City became a supply piont for the mines in the area.

1909 Alaska Alamnic ~ Circle is one of the early Yukon mining camps less than 100 miles above Fort Yukon. The name was selected because the miners thought the location was on the Arctic Circle. It is situated a little distance south of latitude 66. The post office was established here in 1899. There is a number of stores at Circle as it is the local supply point of an extensive but as yet comparatively undeveloped mining region lying to the westward. The distance across country from Circle to Fairbanks is less than 200 miles Circle has a population of about 200. The placer mines of Birch and Mastodon Creeks are near Circle Between Circle and Eagle are a few stations and numerous wood camps. Gold mining has been conducted for several years on numbers of small streams in this region that flow from the south and pour their waters into the Yukon



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