Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

1912 gold rush town sometimes called Shisana (Source p. 35-38, 66) On the north bank of Chathenda Creek, 1.7 miles east of its junction with the Chisana River about 30 miles southeast of Nabesna. Chisana is located in the Chitina Recording District.

Site of Alaska's last significant gold rush. In 1913, Billy James, Andy Taylor, Fred Best, and Matilda Wales staked the first mining claims on the Bonanza, Little Eldorado, and Big Eldorado creeks. As many as 8,000 people joined the Chisana rush. Other townsites were developed in the area: Woodrow, Johnson City, Reliance City, and Gasoline City. By 1924, mining had dwindled, and, according to Milton B. Medary, a member of a Smithsonian expedition, Chisana consisted of "452 log cabins in which one man lives alone." The Chisana Post Office operated from 1913 to 1938. Mining continued in the district but declined until World War II.

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