Alaska Gold Rush History & Genealogy

Ghost town. About 2 miles SE from Ester. Clarence Berry claims.. The Berry Post Office moved in 1910 from near the Berry brothers' claim about two miles downstream from Ester City into J.C. Kinney's general store in Ester. (The post office retained the name of Berry until 1965, when it was finally changed to that of the town it had been in for 55 years.)

1909 a thriving settlement in the Fairbanks area serving as a local supply point for the near by creeks. The General conditions in the creek towns are similar to conditions in Fairbanks which is the supply point for all of them. Prices of all materials are considerably higher in the creek towns than in Fairbanks owing to the cost of transport. (Source).

In the mid-1920s, the Fairbanks Exploration Company began buying claims on Ester Creek, started operations in 1929, and in 1933 built a mess hall for their camp in Ester (now a historic landmark used until 2008 as a tourist attraction and hotel). The F.E. Company revitalized the town, but they also literally reshaped it, doing large-scale open pit mining using enormous floating dredges and draglines, removing in the process much of the original sites of Berry and Ester.

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