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The Arctic Club

(Alaska Almanic 1909)

The Arctic Club which absorbed the old Alaska Club under whose auspices the Alasna Almanac was issued prior to 1908 has prospered beyond the expectations of its members during the year that has elapsed since the publication of the last edition of the Almanac. A four story building and an eventual membership of 1,000 members were promised last year. Instead the club has caused to be erected a magnificent seven story home covering an area of 180x111 feet at the corner on Third Avenue and Jefferson Street in the heart of Seattle's commercial center at a cost of $365,000. The factories of four continents have been drawn upon in the making of the furnishings for this building which are now being installed They have cost $125,000 and will be in place before the end of August. The membership of the Arctic Club is now more than l aon in number and it includes the very best of Seattle and the Northland. Applications for membership are being received constantly and it is predicted that the roll will exceed 1,500 before another year shall have passed. The primary purposs of the Arctic Club is to afford a club home for the men that are developing and civilizing the Northland and the men of affairs in Seattle and the Northwest generally where they can meet on a common level extend their personal acquaintance and cement more closely the ties of friendship. It is claimed apparently with justness that the Arctic Club has the richest and most commodious home of any social club west of Chicago. It occupies six floors of the Arctic Club Building The working offices of the club and the companies that erected and equipped the building for it are on the first floor in the rear of the main entrance on Third Avenue. The remainder of this floor as well as most of the fifteen foot basement is rented for commercial purposes The regular club appointments are on the second floor occupying the full floor space 180 by 111 feet. These include the main assembly room the billiard room library ladies reception room dining rooms buffet and kitchen also the secretary's office. The assembly room 40x111 feet in size the dining rooms with a seating capacity of over 200 and the wide corridor are finished in Hondmas mahogany. The electric fixtures are rich Costly oriental rugs and runners cover the floor Mural paintings of Northern scenery are used in theassembly room and the furnishings are in mahogany upholstered in leather The ladies reception room is oriental in design and is finished in ebony and gold with Chinese hand carved black ebony furniture The tapestries and rugs are made to match the finishing of the room and with the furniture come from Asia. The Arctic Club Building was constructed by the Arctic Construction Company and equipped by the Arctic Equipment Company. The Arctic Club holds a large amount of the capital stock of both of these companies and has an option on the entire stock issue of both of them. The billiard room library buffet and card rooms are finished and furnished in oak with fixtures tapestries and decorations to match The officers of the Arctic Club chosen at the annual election last December are as follows Falcon Joslin Fairbanks President EW Johnston Nome First Vice President Wm Pitt Trimble Seattle Second Vice President EA Von Hasslocher Seattle Secretary John W Tracy Seattle Assistant Secretary Charles C Coulter Seattle Treasurer Robert W Jennings Juneau Clyde L Morris Nome CH Bacon Seattle Win field R Smith Seattle and Arthur D Coulter Seattle Trustees.


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