Alaska Gold Rush History and Genealogy


Koyuk Alaska Mining District



US Geological Paper 610

KOYUK DISTRICT The Koyuk district, in the southeast corner of the Seward Peninsula between lat 64°55' and 65°40' N. and long 160°20' and 162°00' W., includes the drainage area of the Koyuk River. Although gold placers were known along Alameda and Knowles Creeks in 1900 (Smith and Eakin, 1910, p. 330-340), the area remained inactive until 1918. From 1918 to 1959, a recorded total of about 52,000 ounces of placer gold was produced, but the years 1931 through 1946 are not represented in this total because production data for these years cannot be found. The district was active in 1959.

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